Saturday, September 13, 2008

Seriously need some sleep

Posted by Siew Lee at 9/13/2008 04:25:00 AM
After being sleeping for so "early" this week, I really think I need to change this habit. That's if I can change..... haha....

Chat with Yoon Hung yesterday, which is so unusual that he online at late night. Then, he claimed that he's the one who accompany me to chat until 2am. Okok, thanks lor. Early in the morning in DK, he already warn me, don't sleep too late, not good for health. Then he kept repeat this for don't know how many times today. Thanks for "nagging". XD

Went in to Physic's lecture, since that Cally said wanna study wor. Ok then. I actually like studying Physics, but I just hate it when comes to exam. haha. That's the reason I dropped it. I don't mind joining the Physics lectures, but not the exam of course. =p

Took our brunch at Canteen 1 and met with Shawn and Janson. As usual, talk to them. But I think Cally talk more to them. Basically I was just listening to their conversations.

Got back our GP-part 2 test result. Well, I seriously think that I need to brush up my English.

Teased Chong Keat today as usual, since he also got tease me. =.= My "brother" Wei Chie, Mei Mei, Jordan and CK went back after GP.

Nothing much happened during Biology, 'coz I was concentrating on the "Life's Golden Ticket" inspirational novel rather than the lecture. >.<

Then something caught my eye, someone's name. LIM CHENG YEE-SN9G
. hahaha. OMG. Ms. Geraldine asked her a question. She asked me to write her name big big here... XD

Since today is Friday, it should be my happiest day. Currently chatting with Yue Liang (a fella who gone disappearing for don't know many weeks), Cally, Danial, Wei Yuan, Jian Shen, "brother" Wei Chie, Kah Seng, Wai Hong, Jordan and "ji mui" Kah Wai.

That's why it took me so long to finish this post. T.T

To Wai Hong: Thanks for "influencing" me in a good way. I will try to believe , as in it's not that hard. And.. you got make me laugh lor, so means you still got that sense of humour. Don't worry.

To Jordan: Im not small gas one la...

To Danial: I wanna eat that Yoghurt Berry! haha.. Im looking forwards to it ya. And.. thanks for calling me "mulut laser".. haha XD

To Wei Yuan: I not yet start shooting lor...

To Chong Keat: OMG. Tease me like that la... Im not the one who love that pink guy. =.=''

To Cally: Don't waste time doing unnecessary things in our life. But, I know what's going on in my life and I know what I am doing. I hope you do as well. I hope you will know what you should do.

To Yue Liang: When we gonna meet up la? T_T

To those who always sleep late like me: GO SLEEP! XD

p/s:You are never no one to me. Trust me, you never know how important you are.




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