Thursday, September 11, 2008

Death Race, KLCC

Posted by Siew Lee at 9/11/2008 04:14:00 AM
I think I was super blur today. haha. Did the bio practical for don't know how many times, and we were the last one to finish it.

Got our Pure Maths test paper back today. Well, not a bad results I got. =) Quite satisfied.

Planned to go movie today, and finally make it to Death Race. and.. it's at KLCC. My fav place.haha. Wanted to go Kinokuniya, but couldn't make it.

Skipped Applied Maths, make me feel so guilty. But I can't do anything since the movie is starting at 1.45pm. So cacat la the time.

Went there with Yoon Hung's and Mei Mei's car.
Yoon Hung's car- Ching Jia, Jian Shen, Wei Yuan and I.
Mei Mei's car- Jordan, Wei Chie, Cally and Hao Ting.

I sat in front and lead Yoon Hung the way. But too bad, I guess Im don't have good sense of direction. And make Yoon Hung kinda of impatient. Sorry. And.. about the incident happened in the car park, I really.. got nothing to say. But Im really not doing in on purpose.

Headed to the cinema straight. Forgot that today is Wednesday and we don't need Student Card to purchase the tickets. Okay, I went and collected and.. gave them back. *please don't beats me up, thank you*

About this movie, I got no comment, as usual. Simply because, it's a pure action movie. Hmm.. if you guys like cars and those action action thingy, you can go for it. Eventhough they don't really have a good storyline, but I really salute the Jensen Ames' smartness. And.. Case is just too hot. I really can't take my eyes off them. Jensen has a truly nice figure. =p Oh ya, the movie is actually 18SG. We made fun of it inside the cinema. Cally was saying, " OMG, Im not 18 yet." Then I said, "Im 18 okay.. I can watch..." Which is a total bs. XD

Cally gone abit hyper due to the movie itself and the coke that we bought. Yeah, we shared a coke and a popcorn. Sweet hor? haha.

Wei Yuan and Ching Jia ate McDonald's inside the cinema. Somore besides me. >.< style="font-weight: bold;">"I might not be the perfect person to be her dad, but I love her more than everyone does. No one is perfect in this world....." and I forgot the last sentence... XD

Wei Yuan and Cally went back earlier 'coz they have to. The rest of us then headed to food court since they have no idea on where to have our lunch.

This one curi take.

This one he knew that.

and he decided to show that he can eat at this time. XD Since it's fasting month.

While waiting for others to come back.

Mei Mei with her favourite Sundae.

This is my dear brother. haha. XD

And he decided to make the most yeng pose ever. :D


The food that they were having. Smell so spicy.

My lab partner with Mcflurry. My favourite. But he too shy don't want take picture. XD

Ching Jia and Hao Ting.

Went back at 4.30pm. Better go back before the LRT is packed. Waited at Desa Setapak with my younger sister for my elder sister.

Met with my kai kor, and he said I changed alot. Specifically, more pretty. =p I guess it must be a long time since we last met. I knew him since I was kindergarden. That's why he can actually see how I had changed. 女大十八变 is the thing he said.

He said I was somekind of nerd last time, with my spec and my fierce face. And whenever I come, means they have to be alert. Then my face will be like, someone owe me for don't know how many thousands. XD Well, that was me. He said I had become more friendly, and he asked me why. Er.... I don't know? haha.

And he asked whether I got bf or not. No, sadly. Then he was like, " Those guys blind already is it..." And.. I gone speechless and just smile to his answer. =p

His name is Tommy. =)

Do we really look like brother and sister? We are both carpricorns. XD

Camwhore over there.

Since I was too tired, I got the free massage from him. wahaha. thanks. And.. since I seldom dress like this, so it's normal that you see alot of camwhore pictures here. =p Hao Ting said I put more heart on dressing when Im going out. Well..... it's normal if I do that, isn't it? hehe. Oh, thanks to him for holding my bag.

This was what I wore. kinda normal actually. They said I look mature on it.

Continue to camwhore eventhough I was really tired. Nothing can affect me if Im in the mood to camwhore. XD They said, someone who loves camwhoring, is someone who love himself/herself alot. Do I? I don't know..

To Chong Keat, say wanna take pictures with me but didn't. What la you. haha. Still got chance. =p

p/s: I guess you had fun today without my present. Then that you don't have to think so much.




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