Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Crazy day

Posted by Siew Lee at 9/16/2008 03:43:00 AM
CALLY LIM CHENG YEE~~~~~~ wahahhaahahah.

I just can't stop laughing after reading your blog. I where got bully you!!! >.<'' and hor.. I always sayang you one... XD Come we study hard together! and stop guessing the "him" la.....
Why don't want to follow us to McDonald's? /gg some reason behind it huh.
Seriously got more than gear 10 one? I really don't know... XD

Okay la, yesterday I gone super duper hyper, because of something lor. Then the whole day become so active. hahaha.

It was the first day of the week, and I feel kinda of energetic in the morning itself. I guess the activeness actually "transferred" to this morning. XD

Basically, it's a normal college student life today.
Hao Ting and Chong Keat were talking about me today. But I can't hear what they said. Just heard they said I took SPM at 15, while when they were 15 they were taking PMR. =.=''
And.. I don't want the "Middle Lee" name la... Why must my name revolves around that "Da", "Middle" and "Xiao"... XD
3 hours break as usual. Cally went to library, 'coz don't know what she wanna do there. XD Study la ok. Then, the rest of us went to Canteen 1 to SIT. Yes, sit there and don't know do what. Wei Yuan was studying his chemistry. Fuuiiyooh. Then, I was reading my novel. But then soon joined into Mei Mei's and Yoon Hung's conversation. XD

Then headed to JJ's McDonald's. haha. I tell you, you can't really imagine how much Yoon Hung can eat if you didn't really see it. XD He ordered 1 Spicy McDeluxe, 1 Fillet-O-Fish, 4 nuggets, 1 french fries and 1 coke. Somemore he said wanna add 2 more pies. OMG. Crazy right? haha. He said I can actually eat like him but it's just I don't want it today. LOL. Where got..... XD

Our topic today was about marriage, and tvb artists. haha. The whole conversation was really fun. 'coz we were making fun and stuff. And.. Wei Yuan really know alot about those gossips. XD Wei Chie@ my brother, drove us back to college instead, Yoon Hung said that he's too full and felt so sleepy.

We were early for GP class today. wahaha. I said this, because we will always late for the class. XD Cally, I know you got good eyesight. You know what I am trying to say. hehe. After that went for Bio replacement lectures. So tired. But then still concentrating in the class. haha. 'coz I told someone that Im a good girl. XDXD

Went back home and slept. As an usual routine for me.

College life isn't that dull but not as fun as the beginning of the semester. Well. I guess it's time for us to do something to make it more exciting? haha.

To my "Ji Mui" @ Kah Wai: You hor.... I know la you always tease me 'coz you can do so, but you are so so hyper today. What happened? XD

p/s: Sleep la..... haha. See I got advice you! and and... "Sheng wu cai feng shuang fei yi...." XD




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