Monday, September 15, 2008

Happy Mooncake Festival

Posted by Siew Lee at 9/15/2008 01:55:00 AM
Before starting all my craps and grandmother grandfather stories, I would like to wish all of you out there, Happy Mid Autumn Festival! @ Happy Mooncake Festival. 中秋节快乐!

Yesterday, I slept at 11.30pm. YES. It's 11.30pm. So unusual for me. 'coz I didn't even online. hehe. Too boring at home so I took some novel to read back. Eventhough I read it before, but, I can say, I forget 80% of the content. XD

But but.. the day before, I really talked alot with my "Ji Mui" Kah Wai.. Wow. Really so long didn't "keng sam si" with you already. Somemore chat until so late. Anyway, really all the best in ur coming SAM exam ya. XD

Woke up at 10am today. So unusual again right. haha. 'coz yesterday slept early. IM A GOOD GIRL, okay? haha. which I know most of you won't agree with that. XD Then got message from someone who sleep so late again. =.=

Early in the morning itself, I got the feeling that today will be a great day =). Well, eventhough it's Lantern Festival, but there's no lantern and no candles this year. I miss those days... Eventhough I have been so blur (stupid I should say), always don't know how to put the candles and got hurt. haha. But no doubt it's so fun. Not to forget the food- mooncake.

I love mooncake. XD Actually I love the festival more. haha.

Brother isn't going out today, just stay at home. Watched Desparate Housewives Season 3 Marathon. Not bad. But I kinda find it weird. haha.

The happiest moment of the day- 4 of us actually sat down and ate the Dominos. XD
It's a so so so simple meal, but it's so rare for us. I mean, we seldom do it. And we were doing this, at this special festival. It sounds so great. =) (Don't always eat fast food like I do. XD but Dominos just so great....... )

My piano teacher bought us some tong sui yesterday, which I don't know what are they at all, except for the rojak. haha. Can you guys figure them out for me ? :S

Then, it's the Dominos that I ordered today. Owh.. their services are better than other fast food. For me la. 'coz I kept on saying the wrong details while I call them. XD

Cinnastick. Very delicious. trust me. XD

The order.

A bottle of coke.

The small table that we gather.

Regular "Aloha Chicken".

Large "Chicken Pepperoni".


Cinnastick with the don't know what cream. XD

So then here I am to blog. So early. I requested from sister since she is still watching the Desparate Housewives. hehe.

Chat with my cousin for God knows how long I didn't chat with her.

Then it's Cally, my "Ji Mui" Kah Wai and Zheng Xiang, Jian Shen and more la.

My cousin showed me an article, where a guy commit suicide because he can't bear with the stress. OMG. but he has his gf and his family with him. He shouldn't just end his life like this. People, you still got more to do, appreaciate your life.

Then, Cally told me about my horoscopes' life motto- If opportunity doesn't knock, then build a door. She then told me about my greatest strength- Your ability to overcome obstacles. Oh, she said she can see and feel that, Im a strong girl. haha. Thanks. XD Then she told me about her plan about our birthday, where she wanna celebrate it as grand as possible. =p

Followed by Jian Shen. I actually wanted him to give me a lollipop. Then I said, " U see so easy to me smile back". Then he said " Yea lor.. so easy let people cheat.. cannot like this..." which is the exactly words from Yoon Hung. haha. Then he said "guy is a very dangerous creature.. cannot let them cheat so easily..." Thanks for ur advices. I will remember it. Yoon Hung once said.. "You are a simple girl" I guess I am. XD

Zheng Xiang actually teased me today. T_T Chong Keat you got companion already. another person to tease me. I just admitted that Im blur. Then got tease all the way, until I say "Ji Mui". haha.

Hmm.. I think that's what I can remember till now.

Again, enjoy ur day. XD

p/s: I guess it's finally over. You really made my day. Or not I don't think I will be this happy. hehe. Don't know why when rainy day I will think of you. XD




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