Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Why so serious? XD

Posted by Siew Lee at 9/17/2008 05:01:00 AM
First of all, someone made me blur just now, so I kinda of forget what happened today. HAHA. (go blame the person, go go! XDXD)

Okay la, Im way too smart, 'coz I actually wrote down what happened today, in case, I forgot or what. XD

So early in the morning reached college eventhough class starting at 9am. Saw Yoon Hung's car but not the person in Canteen 1. Haha. Don't know where he sat.

I went to Physics lecture again today. XD Sat besides Jordan at first, but then decided to move to the seat besides Hao Ting 'coz Yoon Hung and Jian Shen said that I like them too much, can't go somewhere far from them. WTH. XDXD

Then, Yoon Hung said wanna borrow my chemistry tutorial and then said Im "small gas". LOL. And then to prove that Im really small gas (which Im not XD), so I said I don't want to borrow him. haha. Then he kept wanna disturb me. XDXD I really forgot to give you, not purposely don't want to borrow you one. seriously.

Went to Canteen 1 and told Janson that I didn't anti him. LOL. since when I did that. haha.

Pure Maths lecture. Kinda of.. in a "blue" mood, then keep on lie on the table and "pretend" to sleep. (sometimes really got sleep XD) Then got this message from someone reminding me don't sleep in the class. XD I actually "ter" scold CK, 'coz I thought he was the one kicking the chair. Booo. Sorry leh. hehe. By the way, "my brother" wore some quite "cute" shirt today. hahaha. They said, he look nerd today. XD

Chemistry lecture. We sat in front of Ryan and Melvin. Well, I really think Cally was toooooooo boring and she went and draw her fingers with those emoticons by herself! wahahhaha. I was so hardworking and listening to teacher's lectures, ok. XD I guess Ryan was too boring as well, 'coz he kept calling Cally. LOL. And again, Mr. Loh, our dear young and handsome Chemistry lecture reminded us to study hard, at least 5 hours a day. >.<

Applied Maths tutorial. Totally blur with Probability. Anyone help me please. XD Well, got better after Cally taught me some. Someone said don't mean to make me down, but.. "Sheng wu cai feng shuang wei yi...."... XDXD

Break. Cally was super excited to go McDonald's to eat so then without delaying we went there by Yoon Hung's and Mei Mei's cars.
Yeah, it's McDonald's again. Gosh. Just have it yesterday. Someone sure wanna tease me already. XDXD
Yoon Hung's car- Jian Shen, Wei Yuan, Ching Jia and I.
Mei Mei's car- Wei Chie, Hao Ting, Chong Keat and Cally.
I don't know why Cally wanna go to Mei Mei's car. =.=''
But we reached first of course. XDXD I mean, Yoon Hung's followers. haha.
Most of us ordered Fillet-O-Fish, except for Chong Keat and Wei Chie ordered Spicy McDeluxe, Wei Yuan and Ching Jia ordered chicken (I forgot the name), and Jian Shen ordered Double Cheese Chicken.
So I was sitting infront of Yoon Hung, with Cally and Jian Shen on my left and right respectively. hehe. At first was talking about some normal topic, but the topic changed when Mei Mei asked me why girls can't drink cold drinks when they are having period. haha. So straight forward she asked me in front of so many guys. haha. BUT, we don't feel pai seh at all. XD
Okay then, Jian Shen asked me this question as well, after Mei Mei asked. Then I explained to Jian Shen so and so. Then he asked me more questions on this menstrual cycle. =.='' 'coz he said he wanna know more. XD see his gf sure very happy. XD
Then Jian Shen talked about the experience that he went to supermarket and bought pads for her gf. Guys out there, learn something huh. hahaha. Wei Yuan did that as well. So they started to talk about it la. About the type, the brand and bla bla bla. haha. We are Biology students loh. This is so normal. XDXD Oh ya, Jian Shen bought the menstrual pill for his gf before as well. So geng right? haha. I really salute him and Wei Yuan.
Then I got nothing better to do, I went and feed my "darling" Cally and Jian Shen with french fries. Wanted to feed Yoon Hung but he don't want. XD

Biology lecture.Thank God we didn't late for the class. hehe. But Mei Mei's followers were late for 15 minutes. Nothing much inside the hall. But I told Cally something which made her go-->=.=''
"Why blood no orange one?" LOL. stupid question la. haha. Just ask for fun, since teacher was telling about some animals having blue blood, green blood and even brown blood.

Chemistry tutorial. I was sms-ing with someone and then Mr.Loh suddenly look and smile at me and asked me to sit infront.
very zha dou.. haha.
When the class going on, Mr. Loh suddenly, again, look at me and said, "Girl.. you laugh a lot, why
ah? "
OMG. I was like... WHAT? Did I.. Then I answered "Smile is good for health", don't know what rubbish I was saying. XD
Then he said, "Not good to laugh so much.."..... =.='' I didn't.. Perhaps I smile alot. =.=''
Really swt.
Again, he said girls in the class are making themselves in trouble. Why? 'coz he said we actually just have to learn how to cook instead of learning those chemical reactions.
Swt sekali lagi! =.=''
So, he was teaching about breaking the bond. Then he related it to the "Lotus Eater" author.
He said, "You guys got study this before? The Lotus Eater... The author wrote a good poem, sounds like this, "Break.. break.. break..." ........ It's a very good poem..." Then don't know what la.
I turned to Cally and said, "Ya, Lotus Eater. Stupid story."
Purposely wanna tease him back. XDXD

After class. Jian Shen, my lab partner, was trying to see who was I sms-ing to. Which, later, he asked Yoon Hung, Ching Jia and Wei Yuan to stand arround me. LOL. So I give up. But then later, Wei Yuan save me. haha.
Stay back and study. Really got study one. XD But that's after Wei Chie and Jordan went back. Too much people can't really study. haha.

p/s: I will make you smile, if possible. hehe. XDXD




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