Wednesday, September 10, 2008

To you

Posted by Siew Lee at 9/10/2008 06:27:00 AM
Dedicated this post to a person whom I think I should write this to.

It's not your fault, seriously. You just don't have to change.

There's reasons for the decision I made. I don't know how you gonna take it, but, I know you will respect my decision.

I don't know how far, how deep and how well you think about the problems that occur, but what I know is, we lack of something called, true communication.

I don't know whether you are telling all or not, but, I can tell you, I wasn't telling all. Maybe I should tell you all, I mean, ALL, of what I think and stuff.

And.. things won't get worst and we wouldn't be like this now.

Somehow, I hate myself for doing so. I have never treat people like this before.

Do you know how hurt is that when I wanna make such decision?

Do you know how I control my emotional and let my rational to make this move?

Do you know how afraid I am to lose whatever we have?

Do you know how scare I am when I think of, things may turn out to be the other way round?

Do you know I really don't know what you are thinking just like how you don't know what I am thinking?

I hope.. time, will fades away the problems.. but not our friendship.

I already don't know.. how to go back to be like previous time...

I'm really tired.. tired of these matters.

I wished this had never happened, but, I can't do anything but to accept it.




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