Saturday, September 6, 2008


Posted by Siew Lee at 9/06/2008 04:06:00 AM
Finally, comes to the end of the Test 2. I have my Bio test and GP test(part 2) today.

Memorising the points for Bio and GP even during Chemistry lecture. Mr. Loh, I really got study one ok. XD and I know time is precious.

Not taking any lunch today, 'coz the vomitting feeling reoccur. swt.

Got our result for Applied Math test 2 today. Scored 19/30. Hmm, should have score better. Nvm. I will work harder.

Went back home straight away after Bio test. To Mei Mei, no need to say sorry 'coz cannot send me back. =) I can still go back myself.

Well, the tests are over. and my health is getting worst.

I eventually found out that I've lost 2kg. It's not a good news though. 'coz Im not on diet or what. Probably not eating is the factor.

Randomly choosing the show to watch, and Im attracted by this show called "Mysteries of our body". It's showing in KBS World, a Korean channel. Don't worry, they have english subtitles for it. XD

Today's topic was about stones that can be formed in our body. The most common one will be gallstones and urinary tract stones.

Then they talked about the symptoms, causes and how the stones are formed. They even visited patients that suffered from these diseases and talk about it.

And they showed some kind of surgery that they done. those videos and pictures. How they identify the stones.

So I got to know that, gallstones actually can be formed when you have excessive weight loss. Which they suggest, not more than 0.5 kg per week that ur weight should go down. OMG. I lost 2 kg instead. And, if you skipped ur meal, there's possibilities that gallstones will also be formed.
Lesson learnt.

Then got cholesterol gallstones which caused by excessive cholesterol. Er.. and more. =p

And and, they said, gallstones are normally in girls, while the other one will be boys.

So guys, take good care of urself if you don't wish to suffer from this.

p/s: To Zheng Xiang, Hao Ting and Wei Chie (who got wet yesterday), take care la. To whom who is already sick as well, take care also.




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