Friday, September 5, 2008


Posted by Siew Lee at 9/05/2008 04:51:00 AM
I slept at 4.00am++ in the morning and got up at around 6.45am. I am going to have my Pure Maths test 2 today. Not really well prepared before this, that's why I was burning the midnight oil, which was a really BAD idea.

Really bad idea, however, I get more ENERGETIC after 3.00am. 0.O. Super crazy la. If I continue to be like this, I really going to fall sick again. In fact, Im already sick. XD

So I was preparing for the test while logging in to my msn. Discussed alot of questions with Wei Yuan, Seow Yen and Cally. Thanks for their help, or not Im not really going to understand the topic well.

Eventhough I didn't have enough sleep, but I felt okay this morning. Really. No "cold" feeling and stuff. Just abit coughing. Dry cough. I hate dry cough. So, I decided not to bring my sweater to college since I guess it should be alright. I guess.

Have the pure maths test early in the morning. Well, not bad afterall. That's what I feel. Kinda of relief after the test, but, I really didn't concentrate for the following Biology and Chemistry lectures. Thanks to my "burning midnight oil".=.=''.

Didn't follow the gang to TBR instead Cally and I have our lunch at Canteen 1. Bought the mixed rice but not even half I finish. I feel so bad for the rice. >.< style="color: rgb(255, 255, 0);">pizza, but it still doesn't works. XD

I tried to take a nap or what during break time, but failed to do so. So I really gone blur for my last class, Chemistry practical. And.. guess what? My lab partner was also very blur. We really 同病相怜la.

Today's practical was the latest among all the experiments that I have done before. OMG. Really don't know what happen. Since both of us were blur, so, I don't expect anything to be fast. Something happened today during practical time. But I promised to him not to write already eventhough I really feel like writing it. Jian Shen you see how good I treat you. XDXD

Raining at 3pm like that. It's heavy rain. I wanna go back home and sleep la. =.=''. Forced to stay at college. Wei Chie, Ching Jia, Jian Shen, Yoon Hung, Cally, Hao Ting, Wooi Liam and I went to room H104. Not really in the mood to study, but failed to sleep as well. wth. Walking here and there don't know what to do.

5.00pm. I don't know it's that late already. I thought I can go back already, but... The rain is getting more heavy and I didn't bring my sweater. When I bring, the sun is smiling at me. When I try to "forget" to bring, the rain smile at me. how sad.

Went to Canteen 1. Talked with Yoon Hung, Jian Shen and Cally, since we still can't go back.

6.00pm. Yoon Hung sent me to LRT and I waited my sisters over there. Thanks to Yoon Hung again. It's going to be very jam at this time but he still has to drive back.

6.40pm. Finally can go home.

Due to my laziness... I slept for 2 1/2 hours.

Due to my laziness as well... I didn't tend to take any sweater or blanket to cover myself up eventhough I feel really cold. hehe.

Oh ya, my dinner today was Prawn Mee. It's the mixture of mee and meehun. Eventhough it's named after "mee" but I don't eat the mee, I just eat eat the meehun. Simply don't like it. XD Well, eating it or not, it's still the same, I don't feel like eating.

It's Bio test and GP test tomorrow. Good luck =p




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