Sunday, September 7, 2008's Day

Posted by Siew Lee at 9/07/2008 04:38:00 AM
I was told by grandma that she's going to visit my cousin's family today. So, I have been waken up by her around 11am, which I was quite abit, just abit, unwillingly to wake up.

At first didn't thought of going out, 'coz quite scary to stay home alone, and so feel like go out walk walk. (giving excuses la, scare then say la. XD)

So, my bro is the driver obviously, 'coz I still can't drive yet. =.='' And guess what, I don't even really sure the road to their place eventhough I have been there for like how many times already. >.<" I very very scare next time I will get lost which you guys know Im super blur.

It's was raining. I was listening to

Finally reached Pandan Mewah. (refreshing the way to go there.... I think la, I can still remember... I think only.)

Chit-chatted for a while. Headed to our lunch next.

It's a Hong Kong style restaurant near Pandan Indah, 尖东香港茶餐厅, if Im not mistaken.

I ordered the Cheese Baked Rice with Chicken Chop and one glass of Iced Lemon Tea. The 2 must-order when you go to Hong Kong style restaurant.

Waited for like 30 minutes for the food. Luckily Im not really in a hungry mode. Owh well, Im like this for this whole week. So, logically, I shouldn't order this, 'coz the portion is quite big. But Im craving for cheese.... XD I just wanna taste their cheese.

Obviously I didn't finish the food, just ate like half. BUT, I finished all the cheese ok. haha. Then ate abit of French toast.

Honestly, I think the Cheese Baked Rice is nicer lor... 'coz I can really smell the nice smell of cheese. As well as the French toast. Compared to Kim Gary. Just my opinion la.

My uncle was showing some magic to my younger cousin in the car on our way back. Although I already know the trick, but I still can laugh at it 'coz of my cousin's reaction. Ya la, she's still young. One thing is, when I think of magic, I will think of... someone. haihz. And the radio was playing "Bleeding Love". How sad.

It was all the way raining until I reached home. Got stuck in the jam for a while when trying to enter the MRR2 highway.

Why I call this the "'s Day" ?

Simply because, I was listening to all day long.

I concluded this,
Love in this club, Forever and One step at a time, played 3 times.
Bleeding love, What you got, American Boy, Take a bow and Disturbia, played twice.

Songs like So what and Damaged, my favourites for the moment still playing in

Im not promoting. XD

p/s: Im really sorry. Sorry sorry sorry... I know you don't like me saying sorry. But that's the word I can say now. The conclusion I made, doesn't mean that I hate you, doesn't mean that I don't consider you as my friend... It's not the purpose of my conclusion.




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