Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Posted by Siew Lee at 9/23/2008 05:11:00 AM
Well, it's was DK 3 for the first lecture. I was walking all the way to the back door then find it was locked and went to the other back door and came down all the way from the back door to the other end of the seat. haha. Crapping.

Saw my darling's face like so tiring and exhausted. Felt so sad for her. She must be really really tired. But her determination is there. hehe. All I can say is, good luck.

Our chemistry lecture today was totally.. speechless. I can't find any better time to sleep. LOL. But I was listening to his lectures la.

Got back my Biology results today. Kinda of shock. Didn't expect it to be like that. I promised to myself that once I got my Bio results I will post my results here. So here it is.
Maths- B
Kinda of happy I should say, 'coz there's improvement in the Maths and Biology. Work hard for Test 3.

Went to Pizza Hut, again, at the 111th outlet near my house. XD
Play at the small playground for children under 10 years old for a while. (Pictures please refer to my darling, Cally's blog haha.)
I just don't know why recently I tend to eat fewer than usual, and I ate 2 slides of pizza. Oh ya, cheezy wedges as well. Thanks to Cally. XD

GP classes for 2 hours then went back with Cally's new baby, her blue Viva. =p Thanks!!
She's a good driver I guess, haha. Careful driver, hor? XDXD
Then, again, I forgot to give back Jian Shen's G1 and G2 blue pens. haha. 'coz he hasn't pay me the 10 US dollar. wahahaah.

I just like the feeling when I reached home, there's some noise in the house. XD 'coz my 2 sisters are there. So it wouldn't be in a very sleepy mood. Slept at 6pm then woke up at around 10pm. OMG. I just couldn't wake up when Im forced to. T_T Then only go take my so-called dinner. By the time I finished, it's around 11pm already. Someone please wake me up, scold me or whatever or not if I continue like this, I really don't know what's gonna happen. T_T

Okay now, Im here, with my don't-know-how-to-do Chemistry tutorials. haha. and Im enjoying this.

One of my favourite snack. XD

p/s: You must smile, okay?




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