Saturday, November 8, 2008

End of the first sem

Posted by Siew Lee at 11/08/2008 06:16:00 AM
I got nothing to update leh... >.<

But I got photos to show. XD

This is CK. haha.In biology lecture.

Take 2. Thanks for your arms. XD Like pillow only. Next time ur gf sure very hang fuk. =p

Class ended. whee~
Stomachache. haihz.

There's this day I look at the sky. It was raining.

For about 1 hour~ =)
Until the sky changes from light blue to deep blue..

Sorry Bro, Sorry Mei Mei. XDXD

Ching Jia was acting like our young handsome Mr. Loh. XD
Venue=DK 1. Before Biology replacement class.

So, we went to KLCC to watch Hana Yori Dango The Movie on Monday, after Bio class.
6.15pm show.
Left to Right: Tharma, Hao Ting, Chai Liang.
together with Lee San and I.

This is sooooo disgusting. =X

Who dare to eat this? XD

And this is the one who came out with that idea.
Guess what? I was eating my rice that time. =.=
Day: Wednesday. Venue=Canteen 1.

My student's mother gave me this Yoyo Ice. Red bean+ corn. ^^ Thanks.

Day: Thursday. Venue= JJ Archade.
People: Wei Chie, CK, Mei Mei and I.

Thursday was like.. no mood to study at all. So 4 of us, didn't go for Bio tutorial and Chemistry practical for the first time. =D
444. Score achieved by Wei Chie. First try.

He wanted to get 500 marks. So he give that a second try.
453. not bad la. It's super tiring. =p
Then we played "photo hunt" at there as well.
4 of us were playing. It's quite fun but your eyes will go like this--> @_@
We got 200,000++ marks if Im not mistaken. The highest mark achieved was by "UTAR Biotech" with 400,000++ marks.

It was raining while I was going back.
And rain stop for a while when I reached the bus stop near my house.
Swing again. =p

Wind blows. Not to mention the sun was actually "shining" all the way.

Random photo.

I love to swing. =p
As a result, I swing until it started to rain again.
Walk under the rain and got headache when I reached home. hehe.=p

Here comes Friday, last day of our first semester.
Not much of us went to college. The whole DK can be occupied in just few rows. XD
And again.. I wasn't in a mood to study. Slacking around.
Hazel asked us out for lunch at Pizza Hut.

Day:Friday. Venue:Pizza Hut near my house
People:Yoon Hung, Jian Shen, Ching Jia, Hao Ting, Hazel, Hui Ru(I don't know how to spell her name), Mei Mei and I.

We ponteng for our GP. The first time for me. =p
Chit chat at there. Shared alot of fun stuff over there.
Not to mention, they were teasing Yoon Hung and I for eating alot. XD
What's wrong with eating alot? >.<
Jian Shen said, "If both of you couple then sure high expense. XD"
"When wanna eat and take order, surely have to tell the servant "I want set of 6". Then the servant will be shocked. XD"
Wei wei wei.. not everytime I will eat that much one okay. haha.
Okok. I ate 4 pizzas. 'coz I was in the mood to eat pizza. =p
Went back for our last class-Bio lecture.
Then Mei Mei drove me back. Thanks =).

Last day of the sem, what do you think?
Happy or sad?
We just shared our fun moments at Pizza Hut, and when we come to realize it, it's already the last day for the sem, and then we have to seperate lectures with class H,I and J for the next semester.
Mei Mei said, she's really going to miss them. Terry ah... Ryan ah... and others who bring fun and joy to us.
Me neither.
Separating lectures is a good thing as in, there's only 3 classes for one DK and we can concentrate more. But, it will be very boring then.
Well.. just have to accept it.

To all students who are currently taking their exams or going to take your exams,




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