Saturday, November 15, 2008

Test 3 week

Posted by Siew Lee at 11/15/2008 11:57:00 PM
The exam schedule for Test 3 goes like this..

Monday-Study leave
Tuesday-GP, Pure Maths
Friday-Chemistry, Applied Maths

Monday, can be considered the less-stress day of the week, 'coz I still didn't feel the stress yet on that day,eventhough the next day is the exam. >.<
Went back college for Bio extra class for 2 hours, 9-11am.
Left Yoon Hung, me, Terry, Matthew and Melvin to study.
As what I written in the previous post, seriously didn't feel any tension yet, for Monday. XD

Tuesday, after being too selamba, I think I really screwed up my Pure Maths. >.<
Slept at 4am in the morning and woke up at 6.30am. 8.30am is the GP exam and Pure Maths at 11.45am. Insufficient sleep leads me to not alert mind. Despite some trigonometry questions which I don't know.

Wednesday, I dropped Physics so it's the day for me to study. Nah, I doubt I ever put anything that I studied into my mind. >.<. Study together with those that are going to take their Physics test. =p Wanted to go back at 3.30pm but sudden heavy rain and forced to stay at library. Headed to Canteen 2 to have my lunch together with Yoon Hung and those that just finished their Physics test. Sorry Jian Shen, shoot you again. XD You don't shoot me, I don't shoot you, deal? =p

Wednesday night, after the lesson learnt on Monday, I decided to really study, but eventually the adrenaline was secreted at an amount which I can't handle. wth. haha. Basically it means that I go kinda crazy and all that I was studying get mixed up. So, I relax myself, by playing "Rock, Scissors, Papers" with my sis on msn. Supposingly it's not a game that can make you laugh, instead, it's boring. But all thanks to my sis, who is truly a joker(hahaha), made me shouted, screamed and laughed. Thanks for your encouragement as well. =) When I was finally ready, it's almost 11pm or 12am already. Studied for awhile and went off to bed at 2am. Wei Yuan somemore asked me "finish studying already?". But I really don't want my mind goes blank.

Thursday, went to college at 7.30am, eventhough exam starting at 12.30pm. Studied alone for those chapters or subtopics that I haven't touch or fully covered. Yoon Hung and Jian Shen came early as well, but they went to library which I join them later. Met Hazel at library as well. Too many people isn't an ideal way to study. >.<
scolded because we were making noise. Exam ended at 1.30pm. Bio paper was quite okay, I think la. But many of them said it was quite tough. Pray hard that what I wrote for my answers were correct. =p

Thursday night, get myself ready for Chemistry and Applied Maths, the last 2 papers for Test 3. Then Im OFF!! wahahahah. Too bad that I actually have headache when I was revising/doing my Applied Maths. Permutations and Combinations + Probability= BIG headache. haha. Spent quite some hours doing those questions. This is the results of not studying, last minute preparation. >.<
Only started Chemistry at 2am, which I don't know why. Headache still doesn't goes off. Slept at 3am.
Don't study too hard until don't want sleep...>.<

Friday, headed straight to college hall at 7.30am. Sit on table and this time only STARTED to memorise all those organic chemistry thingy. Reagents, conditions, types of reactions.. bla bla bla. I know Im crazy. But kinda relief after Chemistry paper, 9.45am. At least I still can do, eventhough I really have NO idea AT ALL for Equilibria. I "forgot" the existence of this topic. haha. >.<
Again.. pray hard that my answers were correct. Take a deep breath and relax for few minutes before start preparing for the last paper of the day, last 1 hour for the test, and last moment in College Hall!! =p I seriously scare that I will forgot what I studied due to insuffiecient sleeping, that's why must relax abit. haha. Have a kit kat, have a break. But I don't have kit kat at that moment. lol. Everyone studied for the very last minute for our final paper. Chai Liang almost go too stress 'coz he seemed like mixing everything up. hehe.



Whee whee whee~~~

No more 2am/3am/4am/no sleep..
No more Bio, Chem, Maths, GP.. for the moment..
No more "GP come out what ah"
No more "eh you know how to do the trigonometry questions..?"
No more "...." (Sorry I don't know about Physics. =p)
No more "How does the waves of excitation transmits in heart?"
No more "Draw the repeating untis of poly(propene)"
No more "Find the number of ways for 13 passengers to be seated on 17 seats" (wtf I hate this question)
No more no more no more.....

Everyone was so so so happy and showed the sign of relief. =)

and it marks the end of the first sem for my A-level.

Thanks everyone for everything!! See ya next year =p


What's the most important thing to do after exams?


No no.. not now..

Celebrate la what else..

Look for the next post. =p




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