Thursday, January 8, 2009

New sem

Posted by Siew Lee at 1/08/2009 04:34:00 AM
So its 2009 now.

and its Semester 2 now.

and exams are coming soon.

ok, you might think I'm a little bit crazy to talk about exams now since most of us just got back our results.

how about Chinese New Year?

yeah, it's coming soon.^^


test 4 is just right after CNY.

how cool is that?


I seriously think it's time to study.

and when I say it I mean it.

I would like to say sorry to you guys first,

if you ever feel neglected by me,

never talk to you,

never bother you,

or never notice you..

maybe I become too crazy to study.


I can't let my laziness to continue rule me as it did for my first sem.

so guys,

if you find me too boring, as in, I always ask you questions on studies, you can ignore me. :S


we can study together however, if you guys wish to. =D


have to get back to homework. =(

Good luck to diploma students who are having their exams next week. =p




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