Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Posted by Siew Lee at 1/13/2009 03:52:00 AM
I rely/trust/believe/watever on my feelings, who cares if its wrong, who cares if its not the right one to choose, who cares if I ever make mistakes, who cares if I will regret, who cares if I will cry, who cares if I will ever wanna turn back...


That's my decision, and its going to only matters me, not you, not her, not him, not anybody else.

They never promise life is easy,
they just promise its worth living.

Sometimes.. I will just feel like cry out loud/shout out loud in which away I can think of, but I would just stop and step back.
Hidden it in somewhere I probably couldn't find or I don't wish to find.
Let it just kept in my heart and let no one knows.
Well, you will probably don't know when.


Being like a studying machine is nothing I wish I will be. neither in the future.
But that's the only possible step that I could take now.
I love my life.
I'm still enjoying my life.
or am I not?


Want, need, must, wish, hope, which is your priority?
The root of education is bitter, the fruit is sweet.


Why, why, why and why?
Unknown after unknown.
Blur, blur, blur and still blur.
Accept or not, still have to accept.


A-levels is tough.
I know.
but since you know,
why don't work hard for it?

If you lack the courage to start, you have already finished.


I'm back to my abnormal lifestyle.
not having proper meal.
eating late.
night cat.


I think I need a torch light.
or not just some light.
but I know I'm stubborn.
I wouldn't take it for 99.99%.


my sister,one who is very close to me,told me that,
she sometimes don't actually know what I am thinking..
she said, I look just the same all the time..
quite shock to know this.
but I told her, if you can know/read my minds, then, great.
but if you don't, I don't blame you, since you are just like anybody else.
I don't need to write feelings on my face.
if you can read it, means that we have that same frequency.
if you can't, it doesn't really matter, 'coz anybody else is just like you.

do you?


Sometimes I just overwhelm with too many things,
and I blindly live my life.
and I come to realise it.
and I don't know what I need/want.

I need to find myself.


p/s:If you feel the way I feel, you will understand.




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