Thursday, February 26, 2009

Bad day

Posted by Siew Lee at 2/26/2009 05:22:00 AM
You can express yourself much more clearly -- and creatively -- through writing today, so it's a good time for blogging, poetry, email and anything else that involves words on paper or screen.

That's the horoscope reading for today.
It was so true as I truly have mood to update now.
and when I have the mood I really will spam my blog. =D

Its my lovely Wednesday today, 18/2/09.
Another wonderful day where my class starting at 10am and ends at 2pm.
I just love Wednesday. hehe.

Indeed I thought I'm gonna enjoy my Wednesday to the max,
so I slept at 3am 'coz Im so confident that I can wake up at 8am.
(as you know, I sleep quite early recently, so 3am is no longer a norm for me ^^)

Get scolded early in the morning
with those faces
all the way to college

Biology lecture was abit of boring but still manageable.
still, kinda hard to digest.
I need to ask some pro to teach me.

Biology practical was a.. gloomy one.
I changed the microscope for 3 times,
and still I can't manage to view the slide properly.
and I was among the first to get the microscope.
Managed to answer those questions
and my drawings were good except for the fact for being a little small.
Kinda glad that I still have time
where most of time was wasted on focusing, changing, focusing, changing, focusing and changing the microscope.

Rain after Chemistry lecture.
forced to go back.
and thanks CK for the ride to LRT.

I dislike rain, for certain reasons.

What a day! haihz.
It wasn't a really gloomy day for me,
but yeah, something happened just now
and that really pissed me off.
until I have this "WTF!!!!!!" in my personal message.

What do you mean I have bf?
Are you trying to say even if I have one, its wrong?
Its more to say, if I don't have one, then you have to worry, no?
Are you trying to say Im cheat you?
Are you doubting my words?
If so, just say it out!
Don't do things behind.
Its just a manner, to respect people.ya know.
I'm not 3 years old or what, though I'm not that mature.
But I don't think I'm that stupid.
Its 21st century, we have what we called "discussion".
I don't want for more,
just the room for opinions.

and its now 12.40am
Tomorrow is a better day,
its going to be, right?
it better be!

p/s:I'm still coughing and my wounds are still itchy. I don't wanna fall again. =(




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