Monday, February 9, 2009

Cameron 1st day

Posted by Siew Lee at 2/09/2009 04:16:00 AM
I think I'm kinda back to my mood now,
and I will continue on the part where I should be continuing.

About the dream..
its actually about Cameron Highlands.
Throughout my 16 years life, I've never been to Cameron before.
(ya, NEVER. >.<)
That's why I'm really
overexcited when I knew that I can finally go there,
on this years' CNY.

(I will not spam my blog with my pictures anymore 'coz I scare you guys will feel like killing me if I continue to do so, so you should know where to find those other pictures. =) )

Upon coming back from Johore,
we have to unpack and pack things,
and to get prepared for our 3D2N at Cameron.

Oh and this time we go along with my cousin's family.

We use the Simpang Pulai way instead of the usual Tapah way,
if you are going there from KL.
As I know Tapah roads are harder to drive,
and well, Simpang Pulai way is normally for people who come from North.

I enjoy the way up to Cameron 'coz its exciting and eventhough I have car sick
but I still enjoy it.

Tringkap, where we stay,
its quite a nice place I should say.
the environment and stuff.
and the apartment that I stayed simply got everything that you need. =)

Let the pictures do the saying.

On the way.

Im so proud of this picture, simply because I manage to capture it when my brother is actually speeding at 80km/h. hehe.

Kea Farm. The most crowded place. Its the main area where the traffic starts to jam. so people, choose the right time to go there.

Everything about STRAWBERRIES~~~ hahaha.

Spot the small little rubiks there? >.<

And.. ok. I must say THANK YOU SO MUCH, I LOVE YOU MY DA JIE!!! haha.
she got me the strawberry pillow. =)

and next.. it's the Cactus Point.where you can see many flowers, many people, many cars and many cactus. hahaha =p

Lavender and I. haha.


Hardly spot 1 lily there. =)

and if you know what does this means. haha.=D

driving all the way down from Tringkap to Kea Farm to Cactus Point and now its the strawberry farm located at the road from Tanah Rata to Brinchang.

Kasi Manis Strawberry Farm.hehehehehe.

and this so nice. just right besides the strawberry farm..

and lily..outside the bungalow. =p


and from the strawberry farm,
we drive further down to Tanah Rata where the Smoke House is located.

not a really big compound, but definitely "photogenic". hehe.

the interior.

the outer.

the girls.

she is acting!! xD

and so by the time we are heading back to our apartment, its already around 5pm.
suprisingly there's no jam when we're traveling up,
thanks to our guide, my bro. haha.

steamboat. dinner for the night.

eh eh see what?

lol. at first we thought there's no heater in the apartment.
and so everyone went for the cold, refreshing, and freezing water for their bath, except for me.
and.. my auntie actually found out that that's the water heater.
and we shouted like nobody business.

Cameron is cold at night,
not like its evening which has the hot sun.
but still, its very enjoyable to open the windows and feel the wind.

I don't know why but people at Cameron seems to be too rich
'coz I kept seeing fireworks the 2 nights when we were there.

Indescribable feeling.

night life in Cameron.. hmmph.. Starbucks?


Since they have wi-fi there, why not? *winks*

Caramel hot chocolate. just caramel topping. nothing much though.
super sweet but extra warming in this weather.
really amazing experience. hehe.

but what I wanna mention here is not the Starbucks,
its actually the relaxation and stressless feeling there.
while driving to Starbucks,
feel the wind blowing,
smell the nature scent,
hug the sense of belonging.

I simply love this. =p




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