Thursday, May 28, 2009


Posted by Siew Lee at 5/28/2009 02:06:00 AM
talk about yesterday, I freaking slept for 15 hours (again?) continuously since Monday night 8pm until Tuesday 11am..something like that I guess.ok then woke up, people on msn because everyone was busying with Applied Maths revision except for me. frankly speaking I was not studying and was helping Wei Yuan to find the Lee Hom pictures. then it was raining so I off-ed my pc unwillingly. went to eat ais-kacang. cold + syok. lol but don't really taste nice. ok then I supposed I should continue my revision which I never touch for don't know how long, but, I then started my revision FINALLY at 10pm..until today's morning 4am. in between got talk awhile. phone awhile. play awhile. sing awhile. hang awhile. sudoku awhile. very sien one you know no people online. =/

so today 11.30am went to Lee San's house and have some discussion with ah sok and the couple. 1pm college hall. well kinda shock to know there's only 6 questions but no worry still 50 marks. freaking question 6 alone carries 14 marks. I draw and draw and draw that stupid cumulative frequency I better don't have any careless mistakes anymore..really tried to concentrate and be careful.

hmm the couple and the gang decided to go TS and so I followed, actually just wanted to catch a movie. ah sok went back to have lunch with her mom. walked from TS to Sg.Wang..then back to TS again.cut the craps 'coz didn't join the gang to sing K. bear bear teman-ed me to TS to find the couple..and eventually followed us into the

I Corrupt All Cops (ICAC)..
well, a not bad movie? rating 6/10. kinda draggy towards the end, lack of stories I guess; censored quite lot of scenes. kinda rude, 18PL lol. very funny, its a comedy show? haha.
the 4 of us were so noisy in the cinema I guess 'coz everyone else was so quiet and we were the one not too loud one I mean, but its like pin drop silence inside, you wouldn't expect them can't hear right? haha. WHATEVER la.

straight away went back with the couple, while bear bear catch another movie with the gang, Night at the Museum 2. (I want to watch this!! anyone?=p)
saw the gang before we went back..
safely shown the direction using MRR2 back to my house.. phew. =p
reached home and sms
so coincidencely.
watch tv awhile.

am here now. =)

wth. neck still pain. =/

p.s. I want the big big big big BIG teddy bear in the D.I.E.. its huge!! hehe




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