Friday, May 29, 2009

Qu Yuan

Posted by Siew Lee at 5/29/2009 02:31:00 AM
Happy Dragon Boat Festival to everyone~~

happy eating and don't forget to drink more water later constipation wtf. lol

I ate 2 dumplings..till now. lol. still more to go =)

what I did today? basically nothing..

sleep-woke up at 12pm-talk with my sis awhile-online awhile-talk with my sisters awhile-sleep-change place to sleep-woke up at around 8pm-bath-online

really nothing right? lol unproductive day.
planned to go JJ with sister but failed =/

I want McFlurry~~~~~~~~~~

ok i went and measure my blood pressure just now, 107/73..
why systole so low? hmm
heart beat 87 =.=
when I woke up from my sleep and try to walk..hmm how to say..I can't see anything but black vision..if its not my house I definitely gonna bang myself on something.somemore walking down the stairs.

p/s:gonna shut my mouth as what I said.




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