Friday, July 3, 2009

Domino's day

Posted by Siew Lee at 7/03/2009 04:31:00 AM
we had only 1 practical that day since the Teachers' Appreciation Day is going on and we (ah sok and I) at first thought to join but decided not to at ah sok insisted to send me back 'coz she said now got h1n1 which I know its a lie 'coz she wanted to ask me what
so on the way back I suddenly felt like eating KFC and then she drove to KFC only to find out that they were having pest control and so we walked to domino's to order.
and we place our order and asked the fella to send to my house instead of waiting. very wtf I know 'coz we can actually online
and ah sok never come to my house before though we knew each other for 5 she's so keen to come to my
when we walked back to KFC..we found out that the store is open.another wtf.zzz.the notice is false one is it? =.=
hmm ya the food came at 11.30am and its just the right time for both of us to sit down, eat and talk.the conversation is of course P&C.haha.
the session continues for about 4 hours where she went online using my pc after that. and she invited me to her house 'coz she said boring but I wanted to practice my violin sleep so rejected her.(next time next time hehe)
and this is the happiest day for the past 2 weeks I guess.=)=)
our "domino's day". haha.

Chicken Pepperoni, Aloha Chicken and that's my all-time-favourite cinnastix. =p

suprisingly we can finish most of the food as this is for 4-5 pax but since its thin crust and we had the 4 hours to finish them up so we don't find it difficult to finish up. another round? hehe

and she's wondering about the cinnastix that I talked about.

Domino's rocks! lol




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