Saturday, July 4, 2009

weird facts

Posted by Siew Lee at 7/04/2009 05:41:00 AM
Google says, "From the age of thirty, humans gradually begin to shrink in size."

well I guess I begin to shrink in size as well.. @_@ thats what my sis told me about my size.
but I still think that I'm fat though I somehow look shrinker in size. =.=

and and I realised that my fingers actually grew longer! haha.should I consider this as an advantage? it would be easier for me to play the violin if so..=)

another thing is that, I feel cold easily recently which I find it quite weird..hmm.. I used to have strong resistance towards "air-cond temperature"..but I eventually feel cold at DK 2 (note:DK 1 is freaking hot previously but I think they fixed it or what and so I started to feel the coldness).. arrrgh not a good thing!

daily horoscope says, "Health: Take care of yourself because there are too many things you have to do."..
well, I'll try to do that huh.. =p

anyway this post is out of my randomness again 'coz I'm too bored..till the extent where I actually updated on my "poker face" (at the side) this morning that I couldn't remember it until I saw it just now. O.O
Alzeimer's disease is back due to lack of sleep as a consequence of being too stress..lalala~~




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