Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Posted by Siew Lee at 8/11/2009 04:33:00 AM
the time that I JUMP off from my bed and realised that I've been snoozing my alarm for few times and the most important thing is.. AS results are out!

and I quickly ran down the staircase and switch on my desktop to check..while the page keep showing me the connection is interrupted and continues for few times.. and my heart beats so fast that I can actually hear the beating..and so the page loaded within a blink of an eye.. and phew! I was relief..

that I don't really expect my results as in, I don't try to expect to get what grade for which subject..
hmm I was truly satisfied as that I got a for my 2 science subjects, while expected maths to get b. and I got the shock of my life that I actually got b for my GP..that kinda delighted my day =)

and so went to college and found out no one was there..hmm went into biology lecture and practically do nothing. so went to Lee San's house to wait for the 4a Chai Liang to finish his dotA. with Shu Ying and bear bear there as well.

and er..lunch at TBR and drag some time here and there.. and off to sing k session at Greenbox, Sg.Wang. thought it would be quite bored at first as there's only 5 of us, Jordan, Chai Liang, Lee San, Shu Ying and I, but it turned out to be quite fine.

met up with bro and Mei Mei to catch a movie at Times Square. we wanted to watch that what His Majesty or something but missed the showtime so we go for Overheard. not a bad movie I would say though it kind of lacking a theme. but overall the story is fine and actors are great. =)

decided not to back first as it will be quite a heavy jam so we walk around TS while gossiping.lol. and hmm went back at about.. 7pm..

so here's the fun part.lol.

you know everytime that I ride on Chai Liang's car, there must be some kind of "adventurous" or "driving" trip.XD

and this time they wanted to send Shu Ying back.. but, this lil girl here don't really know the way back..
so ok, we TRY our luck. and we went on and on and on and on the road that we're searching way to Pandan Perdana. note, we took the pathway back through MRR2 at first but the lil girl said use the Kg. Pandan way.. which, is wrong, I guess.lol.

so hmm we went round the Kg.Pandan way but we finally decided to back to KL first to figure out the way. ok and hor you know the Chai Liang very very daring..he can even drive the opposite way. I don't know how to describe this. its just you are suppose to turn left but you turn right, you are not suppose to u-turn where there's double line, and you are not suppose to drive at where the opposite car comes! =.=

its kinda dangerous but thank God that am still here writing this post.

and er we tried to figure out the way back to the KL main road but hmm traffic jam everywhere! arrghh. and we're not familiar with the place so I just simply@try to give directions which you know I failed in this. XD ok whatever it is. we took some time to back to TARC and waited for Shu Ying's father to fetch her back.. by the time her dad reached it was 8.30pm..

and all of us were starving all the way where most of us had our previous meal at 1pm..quickly settled down at restaurant and have our order. oh I kinda like their food but a lil pricey if compared to other similar restaurant. (bro actually had 3 bowls of rice and he said he still can have some more. lol.)

went back and rest for a while. quiet atmosphere as sis wasn't here and off to bed kinda early, 12 something?

anyway, its a great day afterall.

its just that we have to quickly switch back to study mode tomorrow.

all the best, pals.

A2, I'm coming!





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