Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Posted by Siew Lee at 9/23/2009 06:39:00 PM
for this special date that they say, 09:09 am 09/09/09 is so precious to the extent that I totally forgot this and I was still happily having my sweet dream that time. lol.
and I totally forget that its 09/09/09 when Lee San asked me out for movie with Shu Ying.
I only realised this when I check facebook lol
3 of us were discussing about this movie outing the day before
I was busying wtf-ing the line 'coz I keep cannot send out messages
Lee San busying confirm with both of us
Shu Ying busying check showtimes
by the time Lee San and I can chat, Shu Ying can't
and when Shu Ying and I can chat, Lee San can't
but in the end we've decided to watch Vengeance at KLCC

this show was ok for me but heard many reviews said this is quite a disappointment from a director like Johnnie To. but I think the 2 girls did enjoy laughing which I had no idea what is so funny besides that Fat Lok. haha

ohh something to mention is that, Shu Ying was super pretty that day. ok she's already very pretty but that day she wore sleeveless top and mini skirt with a very high high-heels. o.O you can already imaging that? ok don't nose bleed infront of your pc thank you. lol.

overall a nice day with them as a mind-relaxing activity after MOCK.




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