Wednesday, September 23, 2009

princess's day

Posted by Siew Lee at 9/23/2009 06:17:00 PM
I think I missed out Mei Mei's birthday post so I'm gonna write it now
we were still having our MOCK, if I'm not mistaken it was Chem p5.
sudden heavy rain when we were still in the exam hall
I guess everyone did plan to have suprise for her as hmm I was asked to lie that I'm not going to celebrate or stuff like that.(was scare to answer her when she asked me why am I still standing
ok then they were figuring way to bring her to the place to celebrate bla bla bla coz it was heavy rain so they can't straight away go to Jusco bla bla bla Alvin was still sleeping and stuff.
so hmm my bro cheated Mei Mei for the day lol pity him
ok cut the craps la we finally made it to KFC and she loves the suprise (I can see your eyes red red de ohhh hehe)

the durian donut as her cake lol scare her out 'coz dunno who ask her to eat it. but its nice you know lol

purposely take photos to drag time. haha

looks like family photo

and the real cake

Happy Birthday to Princess Mei Mei. ok I wrote this xD

the real cake and the fake cake haha

you can ignore the 2 person behind lol

aiyo sweeeet =p

but bro don't look here aiks

JS wanna challenge the donut but failed haha

anyhow it was a great day with laughters and full of suprise for Mei Mei. and please forget about the joke that Ming Jie made. >.<

and hope Mei Mei would enjoy the day

Happy Birthday to Mei Mei!




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