Wednesday, September 23, 2009

you have only 10 minutes to save the one you love

Posted by Siew Lee at 9/23/2009 07:19:00 PM
being drag to watch movie with cl,ls, and tharma. haha out of a sudden cl wanna watch movie so he drag 3 of us to watch Tsunami at Haeundae.
before the movie we still have plenty of time so went to pet shop to see dogs. but those dogs like so dead. all sleeping besides the toy poddle. oh and the pet shop is so smelly. lol
since today is the first day in M'sia for this movie so its kinda full in the theater.

google search this movie and get to know that this is the no.1 blockbluster in Korea. this movie was not bad for me. quite funny at times and touching as well. graphic is nice. hmm but kinda no comment after watching the movie. haha.

its quite sad you know when you've already know that its going to happen but you can't do anything and you can't change it.

but the professor ended up with his wife so its still quite happy to see that.

hmm you do know movie isn't logic all the time right? so we were talking about the rope that they used to save the 2 fella on the yacht. the rope can't even withstand the weight of 2 man. weird huh.

i love having popcorn while watching movie! hoho~
(ignore my randomness hehe)

what do you when you have only 10 minutes when everything is going to an end?




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