Saturday, November 21, 2009

Posted by Siew Lee at 11/21/2009 05:32:00 AM

Thought that I couldn't make it for Lai Meng's carnival due to A2 exams..but luckily I don't have any tough paper(s) the following week so I made myself to this carnival, just a visit before Lai Meng gonna move to Bukit Jalil.

Many of them we couldn't contact so there's only Jing Rong and I (for 6B) that actually went. later that I found out that Kah Ern and Jun Yuen went there as well.

Lai Meng is the Lai Meng that I've been studied for 7 years (including kindergarten). Nothing really changed, perhaps, the people. Many new teachers are now teaching the new generation (wow I sound so old) and many of my former teachers either changed school or retired. The classrooms are still the same, of course with new high-tech gadgets that we didn't have the chance to use. The places are much cleaner and lighter. I remember back then, there's lots of bats at the hall stage and the staircase. That frighten us, some of us, either because of its dirtiness or darkness. haha. memories still. The school band that I used to join has better facilities now. New instructor of course. oh they have those brand new uniform and lyrics stand. envy man.

Walking down the corridors and path, I realised that actually Lai Meng is quite small. haha. I always thought that my primary school is quite big maybe because I was younger that time. The canteen, in my view, is much smaller, which, of course, it doesn't change in size in any form. haha!

Anyway, my purpose wasn't for the carnival, just for visiting my old school. so I did not pay many attention on what's going with the carnival, so did the dinner at night. but this 80th anniversary dinner was quite nicely celebrated, from the way they make the stage and stuff. but I didn't join wholly because of the pricey ticket.

So after the carnival my sis and I went to KLCC to meet up with ZX.
Watched Surrogates.
Ate Chicken Rice.
Had tea-time at Dessert's Bar.

sorry la I feel so lazy to write 'coz its just the normal things that normal people will do with normal movie and normal outing. lol



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