Friday, November 20, 2009

this is food blog

Posted by Siew Lee at 11/20/2009 04:58:00 AM
as the title suggest, its just an unexpected coincidence that I actually had to blog about food, in a series. LOL

this is Sunday. and my sis is still at KL. so she must drag us out no matter what LOL even its only Jusco..
I ate McFlurry+ Sundae Cone in a row! so nice! I wish to had more! haha!

bro brought back many fav!! =)=)
I remembered last time I don't have the chance to eat as much as I can 'coz I will end up either fever or worst, sore throat.
but but but..these durians were from Pahang don't know whose de dusun and they were delicious!! omg its been a looooooooooooong time since I ate durian AND such heavenly-tastylicious durians!
and the best part is, I'm not limited to eat how much durian like last time I only had the chance to eat max 2 or 3.. so today I EAT AS I CAN. LOL!
(no photos to show 'coz all the durians look the same! haha!)

its Saturday and I went to library happily thought that it would open until 7pm..
and I totally forgot that it only opens until 2pm for normal days. (sigh although its A-level exams period, but not THEIR exams period)
so yea I called up my sis and asked her to accompany me to Little Tree to have lunch.
She was just waken up and happily take her sweet time to do her business while I was hungry till I don't know how to describe. LOL
so ya we went there and eat and study hehe.

my sis likes to take photo more than me! =p

issshhh the pink bottle really kacau~

I was supposed to study.. but I really can't! so I was pretending to study neurones lol

Finished my Applied Maths p4 and Biology p4 today! wuhuuu~~ such a relief! kinda heavy papers for today. so gonna relax myself although I was kinda tired..
had Pizza Hut and KFC with my family.. yes! with my sisters as well. owh she came back today =p
such a simple meal but was a great one =)


my sis's wastage!

suddenly there's this group of people celebrating a child's birthday.. playing birthday song somemore. nvm. malay version somemore. lol.

since they said I should rest myself so my sis(the cyberjaya girl) drag me to Pasar Malam..bought quite handful of food to treat myself. oh and my sis paid for that haha! 'coz she has to pay for my accompany =) (blek!)

I think again we went to Little Tree to study kononnya 'coz the noise besides my house is totally irritating!lol so hmm yea we went a little bit earlier than the other day.

we left the nice coaster over there =(

the same set..

now that you know why I'm only growing fatter but not vice versa..




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