Friday, November 20, 2009


Posted by Siew Lee at 11/20/2009 03:53:00 AM
after discussing and deciding for several times, we finally made it to our first steamboat party! hoorrayy! =)

its on the day after 2 days of our last day in A-levels.
well, you know, this kinda of things, also girls do one la. as we always say, "boys wait eat only! XD"
okok but we, Lee San, Shu Ying, Seow Yen and I enjoyed the whole process of playing, fooling and buying around. esp where we chose for food LOL kept comparing and choosing. truly like the pasar ah sam ord =p
reached ls house at 9.30am I guess..had our breakfast and then headed to Jusco to start shopping. nope this time is not shirts, this time is for food!
fish products..prawns..taufu..ngam chun dan..noodles..and more!
walk till tired. I wonder how can I feel so tired even I do have enough sleep.
not to forget few bottles of beers =)
we even walk till sit on the floor while deciding which beers to buy..
(I'm seriously a noob in life besides my studies.boooo! =p)
oh ya! one thing to mention! ah sok had the NICEST parking that I've ever seen from her! lol! so I took a photo for her and her car! haha!

and we went back to ls's house to had a short nap before we start preparing those food.
nothing much..just cut 'em up and wash 'em up..
but was quite exhausting 'coz the basin is lower and you've to bend down everything you wash..
and since I'm not pro in cutting so I will be the one to wash.. LOL

so almost everyone arrived when everything is ready to be served..except for Jordan! everyone was yelling for hunger haha! ok but Jordan brought us some fruits as well so thanks ya =)

this post shouldn't be so lengthy but I don't know how I made this 'coz I still have pictures to show. but its ok if you don't want to continue reading, 'coz you can find all the photos in facebook =p

to be continued



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