Tuesday, September 7, 2010

a lil warm up

Posted by Siew Lee at 9/07/2010 03:28:00 AM

So that I thought I will be quite bored till death after I finished my A-levels, not so I think. hehe.
This day my parents, my younger sis and I woke up early and headed to One Utama for some..erm.. vegetables? lol I seriously don't understand why so far since its just Jusco that we are going to, and there's 2 at my place.
My sis and I get so over excited being the first time to shop at Jusco@ One Utama, and we being hyper to see everything as if we've never seen them before. and she keep nagging me that she wanna do some sushi ourselves, and when we were at the sushi corner so we kept record on the prices on items needed (ok, I'm the one who's recording down, not her). but until now, ya, as in the time I'm writing this, we still haven't get started YET. haha!
Then it was awhile till we headed for our lunch. having no clue in our mind and not familiar with this place, we chose Wong Kok to settle our stomach.

by the window

taa-daa! camwhore in action..haha!


my sis and I

lovely parents

their don't know what dish. not bad.



After our lunch, we separated our way since my parents wanted to view something they are more keen on. While my sis and I just wandering around and we stopped by this chocolate shop and get attracted (like a little girl). haha.

before that, we bought this. not really tasty.

she walked in first.

chocs and candies. imported stuff.

her showing Cadbury choc

Upon meeting with my parents, initially they decided to head back home.. After they drove the way out, they saw signboard showing to IKEA and.. next minute we know we're going to IKEA. haha!


bought this home. YELLOW

and this. guess what is this.

pimples and tired face.

I remembered it was about 5pm that we were leaving IKEA. Then, instead of heading home straight, we went to the night market near my house to settle our dinner. (pity us, no lunch and dinner. lol)

empty street. ppl just starting to put up their stalls.

soya bean and longan to quench our thirst.

not much choices there so decided to order this for my sis and I. this aunty get order from us like si beh beh song only. kns

too tired to continue walking and sweating so we finally back home. and its time to DIY what we bought from IKEA.


this is pretty easy. useful thing. still using till now. light and trendy.

unpack it.


this YELLOW. I'm sitting on it btw. took me FREAKING long time to finish it. pek chek. probably because I was noob in doing this. si beh. I think at least 3 hours to finally did it.

my stupid face.exhausted by the time I finished it.(unwillingly went to bath and continue after that. lol)

red hands thanks to YELLOW. haha

I still remember I on my pc while doing that stuff. phew. I don't think I really have the energy to continue blogging by then. haha.




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